New England Goddess Temple


The story of the Mother Goddess belongs to all genders and cultures. She has always been an accessible deity: the warmth in our hearth, the fire over which to cook, the river whose water we drink, the soil that grows nourishment. She is Mother Nature herself, and for many, the birther of the Cosmos. Throughout time we have seen Her revealed through a myriad of myths and faces: Durga, Kali, Brigid, Pele, Rhiannon, Oshun, Yemaya, Mary, Guan Yin, Freya, Pachamama, Gaia, and so many countless more. She has been revived, recast, and renamed throughout the ages, and her infinite aspects have evolved into a vast array of personalities and stories. However, the primary role of the Goddess has always remained fixed: that of the Great Mother.


The Great Mother archetype lives within all of us, both men and women. Her heartbeat is found beneath the layers of worldly living, underneath the stories; her face is that of every face we see, everything we touch, the ground we walk upon and the air we breathe. Having long preceded a male God, She symbolizes the Great Mystery of existence. Rather than an airy, hierarchical deity altogether separate from ourselves, She is found inside of us and in the physical world around us. She is not, nor has she ever been, separate.


The images of the Primordial Mother archetype still linger in our psyches: her spirals, triangles, circles, the ebb and flow of her moons, and her watery womb of existence. Her sacred dwelling places include caves, mountains, oceans, rivers, wildflower meadows, streams and waterfalls, under the canopy of sacred groves, in temples built by devotees, in open fields under the moonlight, surrounded by ancient stone circles.

The past several thousand years have seen an attempt to obscure and even obliterate the Great Mother; the result is a world disconnected with and even destroying our very own Earth. However, after millenia of repression and subjugation, we are again witnessing the Feminine rising again. At the New England Goddess Temple, we believe we cannot become whole, cannot make our way back towards recognizing our Oneness, until the Divine Feminine reclaims her place and is fully embraced in the consciousness of humanity. Thus, our Temple is a place to reconnect, to retell the old stories, and to remember who we are: the dreamer, the weaver, the connector, the creator, the keeper of mysteries, the healer, the wise one.




At the

New England Goddess Temple,

we believe we cannot become whole,

cannot make our way back towards

recognizing our Oneness,

until the Divine Feminine

reclaims her place

and is fully embraced

in the consciousness of humanity.






As the Wiccan saying goes: “As without, so within.” While together our Goddess community journeys in a myriad of ways to find, greet and celebrate the Divine Feminine, ultimately we come to understand that we need to only look within to find the Cosmic Mother from whom we have never been separate.



Come remember, heal, empower.

We hope you will join us in

Her resurrection.


Witchy Wednesdays

An evening for gathering Community

6:15pm - 8:15pm ~ Come celebrate the sacred stories, customs, and rhythms from across the world and throughout time.


December 14th

Craft your own Cailleach Yule Log!

Join hosts Michele, Kate and Jen as we gather and remember the ancient tradition of the Yule Log. Come hear stories about this Norse and Celtic tradition. Enjoy soul-warming Yule munchies and elixirs. Bring home a centerpiece worthy of your holiday table!


$75pp Supplies included 


Join us  March 20th - December 20th 2023

 The Goddess Quest: A Deep Dive into Embodiment

Reawaken Your Divine Feminine Energy

It is time for the Feminine to rise again, and for us to remember 

Her in all of her magical and divine aspects and qualities.


Please join us as we submerge our bodies and spirits into this

nine-month Goddess immersion.

Empower. Transform. Unleash your infinite qualities and gifts,

and celebrate the Divine Feminine energies that dance within you

and the cosmos! Our deep dive includes myth, meditation,

movement, sacred altars, rituals, recipes, painting, journaling, 

and the support of an astounding Goddess community.


Our journey also incorporates a unique and fully supported Goddess

quest to commune with the Cosmic Mother in your own unique way, 

and an optional trip to Glastonbury, England to connect with fellow


Please stay tuned for further details coming soon! Or

email to inquire