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Yoga Classes


The Durga Studio is rooted in tantra ~ a celebration of the miracle that is in each breath, in each moment, in each and every one of us. Our bodies, our breath, and our senses are ways we have been given to arrive at a place of peace, of acute awareness and presence of being.

Our Divine Feminine and nature-based yoga classes are full of philosophy, mythology, postures, breath work, and restful meditations.  We welcome students of all levels; whether you have never stepped on the mat before or are a life-long practitioner, we invite you to be right where you are, to explore the possibilities, to honor your limitations, to celebrate YOU in all ways.  


Classes are warm, not hot, with the idea that the body heats naturally from the inside out.  In each of these special flow classes, you can expect to find synchronicity with universal rhythms; detoxify, stretch and tone; unleash your energy; nourish and nurture your soul; find your breath; melt into relaxation.

Our next Tuesday Temple 9-week session

"Yoga: A Sensory Journey"

begins January 10th, 6:15 - 8:00 PM!

As we step into the quiet time of Winter Finding, we are offered a delicious opportunity to explore the treasures we hold within. In Tantric Yoga, the Senses are the gifts we have been given to perceive and experience the divine beauty of our inner and outer worlds. They are doorways into Presence. And when we approach the Senses with mindfulness, we often find stress, worry and anxiety dissipating... with JOY waiting to take their place!

Over the course of nine weeks, we will journey together through nine unique yoga flows which celebrate the Senses, and their correlating chakras, elements and divine energies. We will get curious. We will get playful. We might even discover that Mother Earth is offering herself to us as the sweet nourishment we need to experience the wonder and delight of being alive. Let us feast! 

All around you in every moment the world is offering a feast for your senses

Songs are playing, tasty food is on the table, fragrances are in the air,

colors fill the eyes with light.

You, who long for the union, attend this banquet with loving focus.

~ The Radiance Sutras

Please click here for more info or register online and secure your spot! 






Mellow Mondays: Hatha Yoga - 10:15 - 11:45 AM

 January 23th - March 6 2023

Mellow Mondays offer the opportunity to start our week from a place of balance and connection. We will enjoy long held-postures, breath work, awareness, and a sweet svasana in order to de-stress, to recenter, to release discomfort in the body, and to arrive at a place of calm and peace. This 9-week Hatha yoga practice (which means to bring the "sun" and "moon" within us into balance) will loosely follow the themes of Tuesday Yoga Temple, only we will slowww things down even more. This practice is profoundly gentle, deep and loving... and how I began yoga many years ago! Join us! 

Circle 3.png

This Universe is not 

outside of you.

Look inside yourself;

everything that you want,

you already are. 

~ Rumi

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